DECEMBER VIEWS 2010 – A Season for Simplicity

Posted on: December 11, 2010

This is the year of La Nina and ‘Tis the Season of winter that brings an uncertainty of weather. The perception of La Nina is that it will bring more of the white stuff, and that is very exciting for some! But for others, it may be more comforting to know that 3 of the […]

NOVEMBER VIEWS 2010 – A Growing Awareness

Posted on: November 11, 2010

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy will make the next few months “the last of life as I know it”. As expected though, this growing experience has brought such wonderful connections with other prenatals, new moms and their babies, along with moms I’ve known for years. The North Shore is absolutely blessed with a community […]

OCTOBER VIEWS 2010 – Family Virtues

Posted on: October 11, 2010

‘Patience is a virtue,’ my grandmother always used to say. As a young girl, the concept of a virtue was often difficult to understand. Now as an adult, I find it is the patience aspect of this phrase that has me more perplexed! Why is it that being patient with family is often the most […]

SEPTEMBER VIEWS 2010 – A Time for Change

Posted on: September 11, 2010

Energetically, there is a feeling and onset of change here on the West Coast. In September, students go back to school, schedules shift, and there can be a sudden chill in the air that comes with the autumn changing of the trees. The parks are noticeably more quiet, fruit stands close and Yoga by the […]

SUMMER VIEWS 2010 – How Does Your Garden Grow?

Posted on: July 11, 2010

  Canadians everywhere are wondering about our summer weather! It’s worth considering that the conditions we have may not be completely beyond our control. One thing is for sure, taking on an attitude of reciprocity with Mother Earth would at least bring a shift within our selves. When there is a balance of giving and […]

JUNE VIEWS 2010 – A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted on: June 11, 2010

We have all experienced anxiety or a sleepless night. So when you’re restless, or it’s 3:30am and you haven’t had an adequate sleep, what do you do? Rather than allow your mind to run wild, look at it as an opportunity to simply focus on the moment. Sit still or lie down in śavāsana (the corpse pose), […]

MAY VIEWS 2010 – The Value of Commitment

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Commitment is strong word. Dedicating oneself to an engagement means a decision has been made and the integrity of word behind that decision will be tested. Whether the commitment involves a couple of hours for physical participation, a year of obligation to school/work, or a lifelong pledge to a spouse, we can expect an energetic […]

APRIL VIEWS 2010 – Journey Into Spring

Posted on: April 11, 2010

Spring has arrived! As nature goes through one of its most beautiful cycles of rebirth and regeneration, why don’t you join in? Start off this spring season by renewing your body, health and life. We at Body Harmony are preparing for our Spring Yoga Retreat and Cleanse at the Xenia Sanctuary on Bowen Island. If […]

MARCH VIEWS 2010 – We Have a Dream!

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Vancouver, the lower mainland, Cypress Mountain and Whistler have all been doing a remarkable job of fulfilling the Olympic Dream of 2010! It is an additional bonus that Team Canada is pulling the country together with a wonderful sense of emotional pride. And with only a few more days of all this excitement and anticipation, […]

FEBRUARY VIEWS 2010 – A World of Potential

Posted on: February 11, 2010

We look upon this February like no other. With earthquakes in Haiti, floods in Peru, and the Olympics in Vancouver, we see a world full of both adversity and contrast. It may be a challenge to see the oneness of humankind in such conditions, but we all have hearts consisting of the same energetic pathways, […]